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- Man's Best Friends in Art & History: Cats & Dogs - 2 lectures
- Man's Strength for 35,000 years: The Horse in Art & History - 1 lecture
- Art between the Covers: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts - 1 lecture
- Flower Power - Flowers in Life, Art and History - 1 lecture
- Poetry & Readings, or Made to Order

Friday, May 22, 2015

Man's Best Friends in Life, Art & History: Cats & Dogs

from the Rennaissance

 Van Dyck

2 lectures 

A virtual history of art with a focus on cats and dogs - each with the true story of an extraordinary four legged hero.


For thousands of years cats and dogs have been at our side...or lying on the bed...or in front of the fire...and here at last is an opportunity to appreciate them even better - as they have been depicted in art over thousands of years. 

Our relationship with cats and dogs began, of course, for purely practical purposes - dogs helped in hunting for food and cats preserved our food from mice...and our appreciation of them rapidly turned into affection and admiration - as is shown in artwork dating back to ancient times.

And there are the heroes:   those critters who aided man in times of great danger, showing extraordinary loyalty and bravery - dogs often starred in this role, and somewhat surprisingly cats as well.  

Dog-lover or cat-lover will learn something special about our best friends who have so faithfully been at our side for such a very long time...


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