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One hour lectures fully supported by Powerpoint slideshows and video. Fact filled and superbly illustrated they are informative and entertaining.

Titles below LINK to lecture details - - link selected will appear immediately below this type block.

- Man's Best Friends in Art & History: Cats & Dogs - 2 lectures
- Man's Strength for 35,000 years: The Horse in Art & History - 1 lecture
- Art between the Covers: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts - 1 lecture
- Flower Power - Flowers in Life, Art and History - 1 lecture
- Poetry & Readings, or Made to Order

Friday, May 22, 2015

Poetry & Readings, Made to Order


Poetry and readings designed to entertain!   

Presentations are lively, the poems range from wildly humorous to the softly serious.   Some by published poets and some my own.   

If there is a special day or event in the near future, my selection will focus on that topic, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine's or Mother or Father's Day.  

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